Final Concert

The bonds between shipmates do not break under stress or rust with time, for they are strong, forged in the fire of sacrifice, shaped by service, purified by salt air and polished with laughter.

Neither time nor distance weakens the bonds between shipmates; these bonds reach across oceans, reach across years and, eventually, reach to that place beyond the seas where the storm is stilled and all is peace.

MUCS Robert Leketa, USN (Ret.)
Wilifred Cady
Gerald Anthony Jerome
Philip J. Hessler
John Christopher Kockritz - Obituary
MUCS Rodney Rancourt, USN (Ret.)
Kenneth Odo Weir - Obituary

--- 2018 ---
Bruce D. Kleppinger
Gregory Kent Duncan
MUC Nelson (Gene) Lane, USN (Ret.)
Arthur Philip Nau
Robert. F. Smith
MUCS George Dietzler, USN (Ret.)
Robert M. Montgomery
LCDR Russell Alec Hunt, USN (Ret.)
Larry Geis
Richard Eddings
Hamiet Bluiett
Leonard Childs
CWO4 Gary Blalock, USN (Ret.)
Perry James Olds
Jim  Hochstadt 
Ronald C. Thumpston
Stanley Muraski
Richard N. Talbot

---- 2017 ----
MU1 Apolinario Vargas Martinez, USN (Ret.)
Raymond Roe
Norris Durrell
MU1 John Blount, USN (Ret.)
Glenn Barnes
LT David Oliver, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Oliver Lewis Shirley, Jr., USN (Ret.)
MUCS Quintin H. Reitzel, USN (Ret.)
MUC Elmer North, USN (Ret.)
MUC Basil Kapchonick, USN (Ret.)
MU1 Vernon Sivertson, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Norman LaPell, USN (Ret.)
Phil Edwin Manning
Kenneth D. Schwartz
MU2 Craig Alan Weller, USN (Ret.) 
LCDR John Denton Fluck, USN (Ret.)
Philip Dennis Heim
MUCS Gordon Taylor, USN (Ret.)

---- 2016 ----
Jack Kelsey
James J. Fitzsimon
MUCM Peggy Bair, USN (Ret.)
CDR Allen E. Beck, USN (Ret.)
Connie Rex Younger
William Guy Case
MUC Ralph Leo Aurillo, USN (Ret.)
MUC Roy Earl Romig, USN (Ret.)
James H. Snyder
Edward D. Henson
MUC Joseph M. McCuen, USN (Ret.)
MU 1 Henry G. Howard, USN (Ret.)
LT George F. Vipavetz, USN (Ret.)
MUCM Daniel W. Richardson, Jr., USN (Ret.)
Russell Carfagno 
Bill Wissman
MUCM George R. Walker, USN (Ret.)
Milo Wood
MUC Juan Villalpando, USN (Ret.)
Chester Zientek
LCDR Mark Hammond, USN (Ret.)

 ---- 2015 ----
MUCM John B. Gattuso, USN (Ret.)
Harry G. Bardo
CWO4 Sam Kirschner, USN (Ret.)
MUC Eduardo Buan, USN (Ret.)
MUC Dennis Benjamin Davis, USN (Ret.)
LT Leo H. Leary III, USN (Ret.)
MUC Conrad J. Landry, USN (Ret.)
Garwood, James H.
MUC Patsy James DeGregorio, USN (Ret.)
James E. Newton
John B. Barnes
Buddy Verdi
MU1 Dell Soto Moutray, USN (Ret.)
MUC Leo J. Homzuk, Jr., USN (Ret.)
MUC Louis L. Lanyi, USN (Ret.)
Clark Terry
Ernest R. Harrington
MUCM James Prior Hobbs, USN (Ret.)
MU1 David W. Dodge, USN (Ret.)

---- 2014 ----
Ira M. Porter
MUCM Ralph F. Gambone, USN (Ret.)
Duane W. Woolworth
MU1 Ron McGranahan, USN (Ret.)
CWO4 John R. Geary, USN (Ret.)
MUCS George W. Palmer Jr., USN (Ret.)
MU2 Steven Antone Garcia, USN (Ret.)
Carroll Bailey
MUC Robert James Balch, USN (Ret.)
Wilton H. Syckes, Sr.
William C. Berger
Jimmie Ressell
Kyle Dameron

---- 2013 ----
Charles L. Steele
Jerry E. Ash
Malcolm P. Smith
Ambrose Charles O'Donnell, Jr.
LCDR Ronald Van Hoose, USN (Ret.)
Ricky Alvin Lindroos
MUCM  James L. McConnell, USN (Ret.)
Frank W. Bostick
MUCM Ricky M. Fowler, USN (Ret.)
William E. Gibson
MUC Jim Savage, USN (Ret.)
Robert H. Wohlert
Gerry Genuario
Floyd E. Weil, Jr.
Paul J. Widitz
Lyle D. Kossman
MUC Robert H. Streitfield, USN (Ret.)
MU1 Sammy Lee Netherland, USN (Ret.)
MUC Scott W.Butler, USN (Ret.)
Grady Oder
Byron R. Foucht
Paul M. Brennan 

---- 2012 ----
MU1 Kenneth Raymond Fennell, USN
Norman N. Smith
Robert M. Henry
Carl Grove
Robert J. DeSavage
MU1 Roy S. Grundstrom, USN (Ret.)
MUC Ben Singleton, USN (Ret.)
John C. McDivitt
Clarence James Ogilvie
James L. Avery
MUC John May, USN (Ret.)
Ronald M. Bennett
MUC Thomas Dexter Parkhurst, USN (Ret.)
MUCS William Mark, USN (Ret.)
Donald E. Borenstein
Renick E. Ross
Joseph C. Scharbo
Mack Stone

----- 2011 -----
CWO4 Kenneth Arthur Lowe
CDR Philip H. Field, USN (Ret.)
CDR Donald Stauffer, USN (Ret.)
MUC Gordon Beckwith, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Apolinario Custodio "Paul" Asercion, USN (Ret.)
MUCM Harold "Clem" Skinner, USN (Ret.)
Gallagher, Joseph F.
MUC Charles Warren Kellerhouse, USN (Ret.)
MUC Tony Mazzone, USN (Ret.)
Thomas L. Mentzer
James Avery
John Pfeifer
MUCS Douglas Bowdoin Deane, Jr., USN (Ret.)
Steve Dimond
Albert Hallenbeck
Joseph W. Atherley
Bruce Burrell
Arnie Carruthers
Robert E. Blankenburg

----- 2010 -----
MUCS Michael P. Holden, USN (Ret.)
Ron Gooden
MUC Otto Schauble, USN (Ret.)
MUCM Larry M. Brown, USN (Ret.)
Jerry Vaughan
Joseph H. Kreucher
Gordon P. Bennett
MAJ Herb Day, USMC (Ret.)
Dean Kreek

----- 2009 -----
LCDR Anthony A. Mitchell, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Thomas G. Hornbeck, USN
Perry Lipkin
Ainello "Al" Pepe
Bob Holtz
Dwight Cannon
LT Andrew G. Szlaga, USN (Ret.)
CWO4 Frank G. Forgione, Sr., USN (Ret.)
MUCM Philip N. Austin, USN (Ret.)
Roland H. Dill
MUC Anthony Giaimo USN (Ret.)
MU1 James Boyd Grafmyer, USN
Jack Estlinbaum
MUCM Leamond L. "Noonie" Wilson, USN (Ret.)
Jerome S. Zadera, Sr.
MU2 Perry D. Hopkins, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Michael R. Masciola, USN (Ret.)
MU1 Harvey Otis Lloyd, USN (Ret.)

----- 2008 -----
Thomas Fredrick Jackson
CWO4 Eugene H. "Dutch" Albert, USN (Ret.)
MUCS Phillip L. Streit, USN (Ret.)
MUC Mike Huskey, USN (Ret.)
James O. Exley
Robert ("Bob") Buschmann
Joseph Semonich
James D. ("Blackie") Blackford
MUC James F. Mall, USN (Ret.)
John Lerma
LCDR C. C. Owens, USN (Ret.)
Abraham Ignacio, USA (Ret.)
MUC Charles R. Shoults, USN (Ret.)
MUCM James D. Thumpston, USN (Ret.)

----- 2007 -----
MU1 Donald Fugate, USN (Ret.)
MU1 Joaquin ("Jack") Miranda, USN (Ret.)
Roderick E. ("Rod") Fout
MUCS John R. ("Rocky") Palombo Jr., USN (Ret.)
Harry Conroy

----- 2006 -----
Stephen J. Stroub
CWO4 H. E. (Gene) Huddleston, USN (Ret.)
MUCS David A. Blair, USN (Ret.)
Frederick S. Miller
Charles W. Roop
MUCM Alberto R. Asercion, USN (Ret.) 1936 - 2006
Warren A. Pettie
MUC James W Howard, Sr., USN (Ret.)
Vaun Roylance
LCDR Paul D. ("Dan") Clemens, USN (Ret.)

----- 2005 -----
MUCS Earl L. Benge, USN (Ret.)
MUC Richard S. Silva, USCG (ex USN) (Ret.)
MU1 Paul Burkhardt, USN (Ret.)
Harold Albaugh
MUC James Allen, USN (Ret.)

---- 2004 ----
William Harten, Jr.

A Sailor's Good-bye

We've done this before, we've drank the cup dry.
The one that was leaving, was a hell-of-a-guy.
O'er half of the globe we've sailed at sea,
We've drank to our health and immortality. Your orders have come, your ship has set sail.
We shall meet again to fight the same gale.
The eighth sea has called , hoisted white sails of cloth,
Will a sailor-ship remembered single-up and shove-off?
The wind and the waves are now your home.
I'm all by myself to toast alone.
So now my friend, I bid you good-bye;
The one that has left, still a-hell-of-a-guy.
Michael P. Holden
MUCS, USN (Ret.)