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Request for info about Brooklyn and Norfolk bands.

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Ace Leonard <>

Fri, Mar 19 at 1:32 PM
I’ve been...looking for something on the bands I was in. The Norfolk band was under the direction of Chief Hutinson.  Later a Chief Africa.  Some of the members were Noonie Wilson, Fred Stemple, Delamp and others.  The Brooklyn, NY Band  was under the direction of  L T Donald Patterson.  Some of the members were Willie Snell, Joe Tricalo. Vincent Genola, James Allen and others I can’t remember.  I understand this iis about as vague a description as you can get, but any help you could help getting any info on these bands would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,
 James E Leonard


Request for info about MU in the 1940s:  Eugene Richard Totera 

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From: Natalie Bryant <>
Date: Mon, November 11, 2019 10:07 am

Hello. My dad was in a Navy Band in the 1940’s. He had a photo of himself standing on the deck of a ship in a dark uniform and he was holding his clarinet. When he passed in July of this year and his belongings were packed up the picture was lost. I have not laid him to rest yet but he will be at a Veterans Memorial Cemetery with a military service. I’m desperately searching for a photo of him while he was serving our country and I don’t know where to start. Can you point me in the right direction? He lived in Pennsylvania when he enlisted but that all I know. Thank you. His name was Eugene Richard Totera and he served in the mid 1940’s.

Natalie Bryant