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Looking for information on an old friend or relative who served in a Navy band? Got a question about Navy Music? Someone may have the answer.

Details help. Years. Dates. Names. Nicknames. Ship names. Hometowns. Specific questions loaded with details are your friend. 


The daughter of MUCM Jack Dye, USN (Ret.), is preparing a gift for him, memorabilia from his career. Christie particularly hopes to locate recordings of any concert Jack may have conducted during his career.

If you have a digitized recording to contribute, please contact .


From LCDR Kelly L .Cartwright: 

It's the end of an era here at NAVEUR-NAVAF Band. 1^M.llo Francesco Desiato will be retiring early next year but also has been transferred to the band at the Italian Naval Academy in Livorno until then. We know how many lives he's touched across in Navy Music and we want to wish him "fair winds and following seas" in the way only our community can. As such we are requesting photos and/or letters with your well wishes and favorite "Frankie" stories that we can present to him later this year. Request all items be sent to   NLT  14 November.  


Renee Earle, publisher of the journal American Diplomacy, is seeking photographs of a rock band from the Sixth Fleet Band for an article in the journal. She is particularly interested in any photos of a rock band performance at a university stadium in Ankara, probably between 1987 and 1989.    

Ms. Earle was the Cultural Affairs officer at the American embassy at the time and remembers the excitement generated by the concert, which was arranged by the embassy. She'd like to include a photo in an upcoming article about the role of cultural outreach in diplomacy.

If you have a photo of that rock band's concert--or any photo of the rock band from that era--please contact Renee Earle at 


Request for info about Brooklyn and Norfolk bands.

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Ace Leonard <>

Fri, Mar 19 at 1:32 PM
I’ve been...looking for something on the bands I was in. The Norfolk band was under the direction of Chief Hutinson.  Later a Chief Africa.  Some of the members were Noonie Wilson, Fred Stemple, Delamp and others.  The Brooklyn, NY Band  was under the direction of  L T Donald Patterson.  Some of the members were Willie Snell, Joe Tricalo. Vincent Genola, James Allen and others I can’t remember.  I understand this iis about as vague a description as you can get, but any help you could help getting any info on these bands would be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you in advance,
 James E Leonard


Request for info about MU in the 1940s:  Eugene Richard Totera 

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From: Natalie Bryant <>
Date: Mon, November 11, 2019 10:07 am

Hello. My dad was in a Navy Band in the 1940’s. He had a photo of himself standing on the deck of a ship in a dark uniform and he was holding his clarinet. When he passed in July of this year and his belongings were packed up the picture was lost. I have not laid him to rest yet but he will be at a Veterans Memorial Cemetery with a military service. I’m desperately searching for a photo of him while he was serving our country and I don’t know where to start. Can you point me in the right direction? He lived in Pennsylvania when he enlisted but that all I know. Thank you. His name was Eugene Richard Totera and he served in the mid 1940’s.

Natalie Bryant