Thursday, January 1, 2015

Editorial Information


The website of the NMA intends to provide members with relevant information and to attract eligible non-members to join the NMA. 

The Final Concert page. 

The Final Concert page provides timely notice of the deaths of those who have served as rated United States Navy Musicians. Inclusion is not limited to members of the NMA.

The page includes the names of those who have died since the founding of the Navy Musicians Association; it is not an all-inclusive, historical reference list.

Links to obituaries, when available, are included for the convenience of those who wish to post online condolences. Links are removed after a reasonable amount of time.

As a permanent and formal place of honor, the Final Concert page does not include tributes, anecdotes, nicknames, sea stories. As at a military cemetery, all are honored with simple dignity. In keeping with military tradition, those who retired after 20 or more years of service are listed by name and rank or rate. 

Submissions may be addressed to the website manager. If the honoree was retired after 20 or more years of service, please include the retired rank or rate. Links to online obituaries are appreciated.

Submissions to The website manager accepts submissions of information, articles, and graphics for publication at this site. There is no payment. The act of submission does not guarantee publication. Submissions may be--and probably will be--edited for clarity, style, or length.