Thursday, March 28, 2019

The NMA Rock Band is Here!

Are you ready to rock & roll? Dennis Allard hopes so. Here's his invitation to all those who'd like to bring some Navy rock to the 2019 reunion.

The time has come to add rock music to our repertoire within the Navy Musicians Association, to recognize it as an integral part of what brings us together in our organization: great Navy Music. We all worked equally hard at our craft, no matter the style of music, and it was all done with class. Bravo Zulu, and hats off to those first Bandmasters who took that leap, sending rock bands on the road…..they should have been Knighted (or in some peoples’ opinion, had their heads examined). At any rate, rock bands were out there, getting it done, and recruiters were loving it!

In the late 60’s and early 70’s (if memory serves) a few heady Bandmasters began implementing a different style of music into their repertoire – rock music. In the middle of, say, a big band performance, select members would remain on stage and perform a few popular “Top 40” tunes of the day – with great success, especially among younger audiences. The idea stuck and soon morphed into a new ensemble – The Rock Band! Followed by a few years of mostly good-natured ribbing between big band and rock band personnel, rock bands had earned their place.

By introducing a rock band we may attract even more members to the NMA, an always welcome idea. So – if you’re interested in performing with the rock band at reunions, email me at with your comments and any other info you think would add to this effort. I’m trying to get a feel for how many are interested.

Also, we can further enhance our archives by compiling lists, pictures, info, lies, rumors, etc, about Navy rock bands of the past, and of course, present. My first entries are: Free Fall, of Navy Band Pensacola, Navy Band Charleston and Navy Band Newport, and Four Star Edition, of Atlantic Fleet Band. Join in! Let’s get more history on all those great groups!

I look forward to hearing from you,
Dennis Allard, MUCS, Ret

PS – We have charts, but always need more! See you in Milwaukee!