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Anonymous said...

Ron Fay -

I was lead sax on the comdseflot 2 tour around South America in 1961 on the USS Norfolk. Chief Ralph Aurillo was our Band Master. I think Ralph lives in Texas Now. He lived in Delaware in the 60's. Would like to hear from him!

(Originally posted 29JUN14)

Anonymous said...

John Engman -

Alive and kicking and doing great in Bellingham, WA.

(Originally posted 7JUL14)

Anonymous said...

Tommy Redcay --
Still looking for guys I knew.

(Originally posted 9JUL14)

Anonymous said...

Thomas Porter --

Played trumpet and attended SOM in 1966. Unit Band 106 Com Cru Des Pac then Unit Band 161 Brooklyn NY

(Originally posted 8MAR15)

Anonymous said...

Alan Valentine -

Watched a few films of the Navy Show Band and a whole bunch of great memories came back to me. Mike Beegle was my roomie during one of the Unitas cruises and man, did we have fun!! Thanks Mike. I,m in beautiful Colorado and still playing. Let's go out for just one tonight. Yea, sure!

(Originally posted 31MAR15)

Frank Mullen III said...

Looking for a way to pick up some spare change at the reunion next month? I'll give a quarter to everyone who can get through the whole thing without, at some point, singing "Kansas City."

Arthur Moore said...

Frank, you wouldn't make any money from me. I still sing whenever I get the chance. Hope to see you, shipmate.

Anonymous said...

I heard the next reunion is in Milwaukee. Hope its true, cause it's hard for me to get to Virginia Beach